Special renewal discount for Seabob – Ibiza, Spain, Europe, America and Asia

For a limited time we offer a special discount on the purchase of a new Seabob F5 S or F5 SR. This discount is only for customers who own one or more old Seabob units, models VX2 and F7. To obtain this special discount, the condition you´r old unit is in does not matter, we will even make the discount if you’r old unit does not work any more. We only need you to send us fotos of the old unit together with it’s serial number. We don’t need you to send us you’r old unit. We will ship you’r new unit worldwide. This discount can not be accumulated. 1 discount on one new Seabob for every old unit, no matter how many unots you have. Send us the details of you’r old units to info@seabob-ibiza.com and we will inform you of the discount together with  any other information you may require.